Sony USM32BA2

5 Best OTG Pen Drives In India 2022 (Full Details

OTG Pen drive is the latest and better way of storing files as compared with DVDs. But still, every pen drive is not similar.

Also, you will get huge storage like 128 Gb, 64 Gb, and 32 Gb within a small Pendrive.

So let’s start

#1 Sony USM32BA2 OTG 32GB Pen Drive

Sony is a decent brand for storage devices like pen drives and hard disks. You will get decent build quality and customer service for their products.

Sony USM32BA2

Overview of Sony USM32BA2

You can easily share your files with your PC, laptop, smartphone, and tablet because it supports both USB type-a port and USB type-c port. It can be easily connected with a variety of devices for better convenience.

The design of this USB pen drive is also great. You will get a shiny body and the power of metal for build quality. Also, it looks slim and easy to carry in a small space.

Moreover, it features a USB 3.1 port known for fast file transfer from a variety of devices.

#2 HP HPFD302M 32GB OTG Flash Drive

HP is a great brand for computer products. Also, you will get decent customer support for their products.

HP HPFD302M Pen Drive

Overview of HP HPFD302M

You will get a Steel body on this pen drive with great transfer speeds. Also, easily transfer your files to windows computers, Apple MacBooks, and smartphones.

The USB port features 3.1 USB ports. This support helps you to transfer your files faster than a normal USB 2.0 port.

Moreover, the build quality of this pen drive is decent and better as compared to normal pen drives.

#3 Strontium Nitro 32Gb One OTG 3.1 150 MBPS 

Strontium pen drives give you decent value for money. This pen drive features a fast data transfer speed with strontium nitro.

Strontium Nitro 32Gb

Overview of Strontium Nitro

You can now easily transfer here and store your digital files like movies, games, and huge softwares.

Strontium can be used in MacBooks, PC, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and any devices supporting USB ports.

Decent transfer speed of 150 MBPS from this pen drive. This feed will be available to USB 3.1 port supporting devices.

#4 Kingston DT MicroDuo 16GB USB3.0 OTG Pen Drive

Kingston gives you a great option for pen drives. For pen drive, Kingston is one of the best options. The weight of this pen drive is just 82 grams and it is a small pen drive that makes it easy to hold and carry for long distances.

Kingston DT MicroDuo

Overview of Kingston DT MicroDuo

The pen drive comes with a rotatable cap that protects one side of the pen drive from dust. Also, there is no need to install external software on your smartphone or computer for using this pen drive.

You can expand your device storage by 16 Gb easily from this pen drive. However, you will get a higher transfer speed with great pricing.

Also, this OTG pen drive can be used on any Android 4.0+ device. It is based on a small form factor that facilitates ease to carry.

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#5 Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duo

Samsung is a decent brand for storage devices. You will get great SSD options from Samsung. Also, they have a good pen drive.

Samsung OTG pen drive

Overview of Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This pen drive has both USB type-c and USB type-A ports. Also, you can expect a transfer speed of 150 Mbps from these pen drives.

However, the same internet speed is available on most of the pen drives. But this pen comes with an additional cap for protecting its type C port.

Further, it comes with a durable build quality because of the metal body of the pen drive. Also, Samsung 5-proof technology makes your files safe from waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof, magnetic-proof, and X-ray-proof.


OTG is the latest form of a pen drive. Currently, if you want to share files from your mobile to pc. You can use these OTG pen drives or wifi routers.

If you want the best build quality then Samsung OTG pen drives are the better option. However, if you want better transfer speed then Kingston pen drives are better.

Also, you can consider Hp and sony pen drives for better looks.

So here’s the guide on the best OTG pen drives. Now I want to know which of the pen drive you liked the most.

Let me know in the comments below.

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