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Best Earphones Under 2000 In India (January 2022)

For a better sound experience, you need good earphones. So today you will get the best list of wired as well as wireless earphones under 2000.

You will get 40 hours of battery backup and some earphones support 10 hours of music playback with almost 10 minutes of charging.

So let check that list of earphones.

Best Earphones Under 2000 (wireless)

1. Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo-Earphones

Realme has now become a decent brand for good-quality earphones in a budget segment. This time you will get a decent option Realme buds wireless 2 in this budget.

These are one of the best earphones with a long 22 battery backup. Also, you will get a type c charging option that enables you to charge for 10 minutes and get 12 hours of playtime. However, it takes 12 hours to charge the earphones fully.

Why considered these earphones

If you want earphones with better sound and bass quality and ipx5 water-resistance then you can check these headphones.

Moreover, the price of these headphones is also horrible and it has an R2 chip for stable connectivity.

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2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass 

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Earphones

Oneplus is a well-known brand for high-quality smartphones. This time you will get one plus bullet wireless earphones. 

With this earphone, you will get 17 hours of battery backup and 9.2 mm, drivers. Also, it has water resistant IP55.

You will also get magnets in the earphones so that it will be easy to store them.

Why Consider These earphones.

If you want headphones with solid build and bass quality then you can consider these earphones. However, the price of these headphones will be in 

Your budget but if you want better battery backup then you can check the upcoming option.

However, you can check some budget friendly option Best Earphones under 500.

3. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+

BoAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Earphones

The boAt is a brand known for quality headphones with decent sound quality in a budget segment. This time you will get boat Rockerz 225 Pro Plus earphones.

With his earphones, you will get 40 hours of battery backup and 10 mm of sound drivers. It has Bluetooth 5.0 send IPX7 rating for better water resistance. However, the standby time of these earphones is 150 hours with a charging time of 60 minutes.

Why considered these earphones

If you want earphones with a huge battery backup and IPX7 water-resistant rating you can consider these boAt earphones.

The price of these earphones is very affordable and you will get Bluetooth 5.0 to make their wireless earphones. With earphones, you can expect an extra bass quality as well as loud sound quality.

Best Earphones Under 2000 (Wired)

Earphones are also a great way of listening to music without any thinking of a battery backup.

So you can use your phone for gaming purposes because you will get less latency as compared to wireless earphones.

Let’s check the first wired earphones under this budget.

1. Sony XB55AP Earphones

Sony XB55AP Earphones

Sony is a decent brand that comes with good-quality earphones and headphones. Will get Sony XB55ap earphones.

These earphones come with extra bass features for better bass quality while listening to music. Also, you will get 12 MM neodymium drivers for powerful sound delivery. It also has a tangle-free cable for long time usage.

Why consider these earphones

I want wired headphones from a company like Sony with great bass quality, so you can consider these earphones. Moreover, you will get much better sound quality and mic quality from these earphones.

But still, the price of these earrings is slightly higher than this budget. However, during some festival sales, you can get these earphones in your budget.

2. JAYS a-One Earphones

JAYS a-One Earphones

Jays is a Sound brand known for a long time. This company is from Sweden which gives you decent sound quality in their earphones.

As the function keys, you will get three buttons to control your sound volume and to change the song. It comes with good wire Quality which is also designed for long time usage.

Why consider these earphones.

If you want good quality earphones with a tangle-free cable then you can consider these headphones.

The president headphones under this budget. Also, these are lightweight earphones ideal for calling and working with your Android and IOS devices.


If you want wireless earphones with great sound and battery then you can check boat Rockerz 225 Pro Plus earphones.

For the best ever sound experience in wired earphones you can check Sony XB55AP earphones.

So here’s a guide for the best earphones under 2000.

Now I want to hear from you which of the earphones you like the most.

Let me know in the comments below.

Also, feel free to ask any questions regarding the earphones in this budget.

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