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5 Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000 (January 2022)

If you want gaming headphones under 5000 then you can consider checking the list of headphones given below.

Also, you will get lightweight headphones as well as RGB headphones with a microphone for talking while playing

So let’s check the list.

Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000

1. Logitech G331 Headphones

Logitech G331 headphones

Logitech is a brand known for quality computer mouses and keyboards. This time you will get decent-looking Logitech G331 headphones in this budget.

These are lightweight and slim headphones with a microphone. However, these are gaming headphones but still, you will not have many RGB lights on these headphones.

Also, for more comfort, you can rotate ear cups up to 90 degrees. It has a 50 mm sound driver for louder and solid sound quality.

Why consider these headphones

If you want good quality lightweight headphones then these headphones are a nice option for you.

However, the headphones are made up of plastic, sometimes it feels like they will break anytime, but that won’t happen with them. Moreover, if you like Logitech headphones then you can check the below-mentioned Logitech headphones.

Further, for budget friendly gaming you can check gaming headphones under 2000.

2. Hyperx Cloud Stinger Headphones

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Headphones

Hyperx cloud is a brand offering headphones for gaming purposes. This time you will get Hyperx cloud stinger gaming headphones in this budget.

You will get a 4-meter long wire with a 3.5 mm audio jack that can help you connect it with your mobile, pc, Xbox, and IOS devices. Memory foam in the padding of the headphones for better comfort.

Why consider these headphones

These Hyperx Cloud stinger headphones are perfect for budget gaming headphones. The weight of these headphones is 275 g. This makes lightweight and comfortable headphones for gaming.

You will get Astro A10 headphones slightly heavier as compared to using headphones. You can use these headphones for a long time because you will get a memory form included in the ear cups. But still, if you want another gaming headphones then check the other options given below.

3. Corsair HS50 Pro Headphones

Corsair HS50 Pro Headphones

Corsair is a nice brand for pc and gaming components. This time you will get decent Corsair HS50 Pro Gaming Headphones from them.

These phones come with plastic build quality e and Aluminum to hold ear cups. Also, the weight of these headphones is 320 grams which are slightly higher than the above-mentioned headphones. However, with these headphones, you will get an RGB ring light on the earcups.

These headphones are mostly compatible with your devices like PS4, Xbox One, mobile, and PC with the help of a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Why consider these headphones

If you want headphones with good sound and build quality for gaming purposes then you can consider them. Moreover, gate 50mm neodymium speaker drivers with stereo sound quality.

These headphones come with some noise cancellation features which helps you to get more experience while listening with headphones.

4. JBL Quantum 300 Headphones

JBL Quantum 300 Headphones

JBL is also a known brand for good-quality headphones. This time you will get JBL Quantum 300 headphones in this budget.

Focus on the quality you will get the best surround sound experience from these headphones as compared to the budget headphones.

Also, these headphones are lightweight because their weight is just 250 grams. These headphones last a long time due to their weight.

Why consider these headphones

If you want comfortable and lightweight gaming headphones then you can check these JBL headphones. Also, it has 50mm drivers for a louder sound.

You will get a microphone for talking with your friends while playing games. These are made especially for pc gamers for better comfort during pc gaming.

5. Logitech G431 Headphones

Logitech G431 Headphones

These are other headphones from JBL coming under this budget. Also, you will get a decent 7.1 surround sound and 6 mm MIC. So that your voice while talking would be loud and clear.

However, the weight of these headphones is 280 grams. This is slightly higher as compared with the other headphones but still, it won’t make headphones much heavier.

It also comes with DTS headphone ex 2.0 technology which gives you a next-generation surround sound experience. Also, it comes with 50mm sound drivers for louder sound. These headphones will be mostly compatible with your devices.

Why consider these headphones

The price of these headphones is slightly higher than this budget but you will get a much better price to performance value from them.

Moreover, if you want headphones with good sound quality without RGB lights then you can consider Logitech g431 headphones. However, if you want slightly lower budget headphones from Logitech then you can check the first option mentioned in the list.


If you want the best headphones in this budget then you can check Hyperx cloud stinger. For a lightweight option, you can check headphones from JBL.

So here is the guide on the best gaming headphones under 5000.

Now I want to hear from you which of the Headphones you liked the most. Let me know in the comments below.

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