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Best Headphones under 1000 in India (January 2022)

If your budget is limited to limits and wanted headphones under 1000 then check the list of headphones mentioned below.

Also, you will headphones from companies like BoAt, JBL, and Sony. All these companies offer decent quality headphones depending upon the price.

Let check the list of headphones.

Best Headphones under 1000

You will get some headphones in this budget. But still, it will always be recommended to increase your budget for better sound and build quality of the headphones.

However, you can check earphones in this budget for better sound quality. Let check the first option of the list.

#1 BoAt Rockerz 450 headphones – Lightweight headphones with decent audio

BoAt 450 Headphones

The boAt is one of the fast-growing brands in India. You can expect decent audio quality headphones from the boAt.

Also, you will get some of their headphones in a budget range. BoAt Rockerz 450  headphones are an option available in this budget.

For connectivity, you will get Bluetooth 5.0 and a type C port for fast charging. The sound quality is good according to the price and you will get some bass quality as well.

The battery life for these headphones is up to 15 hours with 40 mm drivers for louder sound. However, The battery backup will be less while listening to music on the full volume.

Why consider these headphones

If you want good sound quality on light-weight headphones then you can consider these headphones. These headphones have a weight of just 168 grams. Also, these headphones are easy to carry because they are foldable headphones.

Moreover, the price of headphones can be higher. But still, it will be slightly higher as compared to this budget.

For better sound and battery you can check headphones under 2000.

#2 Sony ZX110A Headphones – Good Build quality

Sony ZX110A Headphones

Sony is also a decent brand for headphones. However, these budget headphones are not that much recommended for the best sound quality in this budget.

But still, you will get good build quality on these headphones. These headphones have 40mm, drivers, for louder sound quality. 

This headphone has sufficient padding on its ear-muffs. For connection, these headphones support a 3.5 mm jack.

Why consider these headphones

If you want wired headphones in this budget then you can consider these headphones. Also, these are lightweight headphones with a plastic build. However, the Metal build is a better option for better sound quality.

Moreover, you will get these headphones in your budget easily. For a much better option in sony headphones check headphones under 5000.

#3 JBL C100S1 In-ear headphones – Good for gaming

JBL C100S1 In-ear headphones

JBL is a decent brand for all types of headphones. These are in-ear headphones from JBL. For the sound quality, these are better as compared to headphones at this price.

However, the drivers on these earphones will be smaller as compared to the headphones. Also, you will rubberized material for better wire quality.

These headphones have good sound as well as base quality according to the budget. 

The best part

These headphones are lightweight and you can use them for hours. Also, you will get enough loud audio for listening to music. 

Why consider these headphones

If you want it a headphone for a long are usage then you can consider these headphones. The price of these headphones will be under your budget. 

#4 PTron Studio Over-ear headphones – Good headphones

PTron Studio Over-ear headphones

These are over-ear headphones available on this list. These are good headphones with long battery life and sound quality.

For connection, you will get a Bluetooth 5.0. Also, It has a huge battery backup of 50 hours charging time of 2.5 hours.

For charging with headphones you will get a USB cable in the box of these headphones

Why consider these headphones

If you want headphones with a long battery backup then you can consider these headphones. Also, you will get better sound quality because these are over-ear headphones.

Moreover, the price is just 800 rupees. At that price, you will be getting wireless headphones with 50 hours of battery.

#5 BoAt Basshead 900 – Low-Cost Headphones

BoAt basshead 900 headphones

These are other headphones from the boat. These are on-ear wired headphones with good Bass quality. 

Also, it has good bass quality as per the price. The sound quality will be average as compared with other headphones on the list.

For connection, you will get a 3.5 mm headphone jack option on these headphones. The build quality is good as per the price.

Why consider these headphones

If your budget is limited and you want headphones in that budget then you will consider these headphones.

Also, these headphones will be available for a price low than 700 during festive sales.


If you want headphones for better sound quality then you can consider boat 450 headphones.  However, JBL in-ear headphones are also good for sound quality in this budget.

Also, if your budget is limit and wanted minimum on-ear headphones then you can consider BoAt Basshead 900 headphones.

So here’s the guide on best headphones under 1000.

Now I want to hear from you which of the headphones you liked the most. Let me know in the comments below.

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